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Gorseland's Specialist Support Unit

We are very pleased to have two specialist units commissioned by the Local Authority at Gorseland Primary School:

Reception / Key Stage One - Specialist Unit (12 places)

Key Stage Two - Cognition and Learning Unit (18 places)

SSU Classes

We have three classroom bases in our specialist unit and pupils are placed in a class depending on their stage rather than their age.

Grasshopper Class (Pre-formal learning)

There is a focus on experiential and play-based learning in this environment with our Total Communication approach supporting the development of communication and language skills. Structured interventions include: Speech and Language Therapy, Intensive Interaction, the TEACCH approach and Attention Autism.

Ladybird Class (Early formal learning)

This is a mixed KS1 and KS2 class with a combination of play-based learning and structured learning in small groups. Interventions form our 'Personalised Curriculum' for pupils and include: gym trail, finger gym, Speech and Language Therapy, communication skills, social skills, sensory circuits and emotional literacy sessions.

Sparrowhawk Class (Formal learning)

The Sparrowhawk Class offers small-group learning delivered in a more formal style with inclusive lessons in line with the children’s individual needs and abilities. Additional targeted interventions include: handwriting, spelling, communication and emotional literacy sessions. Suitable mainstream integration opportunities are provided and particularly successful sessions are often related to social communication e.g. assemblies, playtimes and weekly class meetings. Mainstream integration for lessons related to a specific area of the curriculum can be considered and this would be on an individual basis in collaboration with parents and carers.

SSU Timings

The SSU school day is 8:45 - 15:15. The timings are staggered slightly with mainstream to enable quieter environments for arrival and departure for our pupils in the SSU. Some pupils use Local Authority specialist transport and are met and handed over by familiar adults each day.

Our break and lunchtimes are in line with mainstream timings to enable suitable integration opportunities.

Our Facilities 

As our SSU is attached to the mainstream school; we benefit from having both our own specialist resources and access to shared facilities across the school. 

Below are some photographs of our provision although learning areas do evolve regularly to meet the children's needs. We offer regular tours for prospective parents and families can express interest via the school office.

Copy of SSU Learning Areas

Our Specialist Staff

Our hardworking and dedicated team members have a wide range of specialist experience. We also work very closely with families and outside agencies including speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, social care and nursing teams.

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