Equality Duty

Our school's Equality Policy can be viewed here.


This document describes how the Governing Body of Gorseland Primary School intends to fulfil its responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty with regard to its workforce. 

We will have due regard to the need to:

We will collect and use equality information to help us to:

Identify key issues;

Take action

We will work towards developing an equality profile of staff to help us to understand key equality issues in our workforce, including any evidence of pay gaps or ‘occupational segregation’ i.e. staff with certain protected characteristics being over-represented in particular roles. In addition, we note that it is likely to be useful to collect and consider information, appropriately disaggregated, about:

Publication of Equality Information

We will collect and use enough workforce information to effectively meet the general equality duty. Where relevant and proportionate we will publish on our website some information about the impact of our employment functions on people with the different protected characteristics in order to demonstrate compliance with the general equality duty.

Gorseland's Equality Objectives are below.

Gorseland Equality Objectives 2022.docx