Learning in the SSU

SSU Curriculum Overview

Our broad, balanced and personalised curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum and adapted to the children’s needs. This enables pupils to thrive and fulfil their potential, equipping them for the next stage of their education. The holistic nature of our practice enhances children’s academic learning, communication skills, social skills and life skills whilst promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

Grasshopper Class (Pre-Formal Learning)

Examples of Learning - SSU Grasshopper

Pupil Views: What is good at school?

“Cars, climbing, running.”    

“Playing with trains, doing my work, being outside, jumping in the ice [gymnastics foam pit].”

Ladybird Class (Early Formal Learning)

LB class assembly 3/22

Pupil Views: What do you enjoy about school?

“Doing swimming. Sports day. I like helping the Grasshoppers in the rocket area.”

“Reading. Work. Playing with friends.”

“Art. Maths.”

“I’m proud of my English. I have done good eating of my dinner. I’m happy playing with my friends outside on the slide.”

“Good friends. Reading. Taxi. Bus [trips].”

Sparrowhawk Class (Formal Learning)

Examples of learning - Dragonfly Class

Pupil Views: What is working well at school? 

“I like Maths and the Golden KM because it’s good exercise. I like science - I like the experiments.”

“I am getting on well with my friends, the mainstream ones and in my class...I’m feeling happy and excited to have this year.”

“I like doing the show. Gorseland is fun. I’m happy here and I’ve got friends.”

“Very good. I recommend everything in this school. I recommend the library because you get your own books. The work is explained well, I like the lessons."

“My favourite lesson is maths. I love science and the experiments. I like geography - I liked when we had to move north and south and east and west on the MUGA.”

“My colouring is better. My writing is getting so much better, not even a little bit. My reading is starting to get really, really, really good. If I feel a bit mad, I just grab something and squeeze it. I talk to people about it.”

“I am pleased that I’m exercising every day and I like my physio."

SSU Wider Opportunities

SSU Wider Opportunities