Learning in the SSU

SSU Curriculum Overview

Our broad, balanced and personalised curriculum is adapted to the children’s needs. This enables pupils to thrive and fulfil their potential, equipping them for the next stage of their education. The holistic nature of our practice enhances children’s academic learning, communication skills, social skills and life skills whilst promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

  • Highly differentiated lessons are in line with the children's abilities and carried out through small-group learning to enable pupils to make small-step progress in core subjects.

  • Pupils have full access to foundation subjects in line with their ability.

  • There are daily opportunities for personal development in the SSU. Regular, timetabled lessons include outdoor learning and independent life skills such as cooking and gardening.

  • Our 'Personalised Curriculum' provides additional interventions based on the children's needs. For example: gym trail, finger gym, handwriting, spelling, phonics, communication, SALT, emotional literacy and social skills.

  • Each child has a termly individual learning plan with personalised targets relating to each of their EHCP outcomes. This links to our 'graduated approach' as we use the assess, plan, do and review cycle.

Grasshopper Class (Pre-Formal Learning)

Ladybird Class (Early Formal Learning)

Dragonfly Class (Formal Learning)

SSU Wider Opportunities

SSU Wider Opportunities