Gorseland Solar
Our 30kWh Solar PV Array powers our school
whilst reducing our Carbon Footprint!

Gorseland Efficiency Infographic

See our energy usage information.

Step 1: Scaffolding

Scaffolding has been erected for our Solar PV system installation. This will help protect the engineers whilst they are working on the roof.

Step 2: Inverter Installation

The Isolators and Inverters that make the energy created by our Solar Panels usable in school have been installed. Next, we will be welding the mounts for the panels on the roof.

Step 3: Roofing Works

The fixing pads for the panels have been welded to the roof ready for the supports and panels.

Step 4: Supports

The first supports for our Solar Panels have been fixed to the roof. Next we will fit the panels to the supports.

Step 5: First Panels Installed

The first panels have been installed and are on the roof. Next, we will connect all of the panels to the Isolators and Inverters.

Step 6: Wiring Complete and Roof Visit

The wiring that connects the panels to the school have been layed and connected.

Step 7: Turn on the System

The Solar Pv system has been switched on. We are officially generating our own electricity.

Step 8: Eco-Warriors Monitor Generation

The Eco-Warriors have been measuring our energy usage to see the difference our Solar panels are making.

Number of Panels

System Capacity (kWh)

Potential CO2 Saved (Kg)

% Energy usage covered by Solar

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