Mental Health

and Wellbeing

Help and Advice for Parents / Carers

  • Please contact us anytime if you have concerns about your child's wellbeing.

  • If someone is in immediate danger, always call 999 and wait for help to arrive.

  • Dial 111 (option 2) for the 24/7 NHS helpline to access urgent mental health support.

  • Below are some signposts to information, advice and guidance that might be useful in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your young person, yourself or other people you know.


Support for Children

  • Please communicate to a trusted adult at home or at school.

  • Sharing how you are feeling and talking about any issues can really help with managing your emotions and dealing with the underlying problem.

  • Below are some resources to help you communicate and regulate your emotions.

EY and KS1 Zones of Regulation - by MP.pptx

Emotions Visuals

(Zones of Regulation 1)

Lower KS2 Zones of Regulation.docx

Emotions Visuals

(Zones of Regulation 2)

Upper KS2 Emotions Posters.docx

Emotions Visuals


Calming toolkit.docx
It's okay to.docx



How it Works



How it Works