Learning in Nursery

Term 1 - All About Me

In the first term, the children start learning about each other and getting to know one another. The children begin to develop relationships, learn about helping each other and begin to understand team work. 

The children were tasked with solving a problem together. The problem was that a dog was stuck on the roof of the shed and the children needed to find a way to rescue them. Below are some pictures of the children working together.

The children also learnt about our pets and visited Pets At Home. Also the children worked together to solve problems in the outside area.

Term 2 - Traditional Stories

In the second term, we read and learn about some traditional stories. We are reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears currently. The children learnt some new mathematical language ie. small, medium and large. We also made our own Porridge and made sandwiches to eat on a picnic in the woods. We have used the story theme to create games and activities for the kids to get involved in.