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SSC Consultation Update

posted 19 May 2016, 05:40 by Joshua Roberts   [ updated 19 May 2016, 05:41 ]
Dear Parents and Carers, 

I attach a very warmly welcomed letter stating that the SSCs will not be closing for the foreseeable future. 

We will be celebrating the news today with our children, families, staff and governors! 

I am delighted that Suffolk County Council and Gordon Jones in particular, consider the SSCs to be a ‘valuable and important resource for children with special educational needs and are particularly relevant in providing an appropriate local offer for small groups of children with very specific needs’. It appears they have really listened to you, the respondents. Thank you for your contributions.

I have let the Council know that we would welcome the opportunity to work with them with our quest to ‘build on the best aspects of the existing provision to offer this type of offer to more children’. 

We await confirmation from Councillor Jones on what ‘will not be any plans in the foreseeable future to close existing Specialist Support Centres (SSCs)’, actually means as well as detailed and comprehensive arrangements for a Service Level Agreement with the Local Authority - which still hasn’t been approved, including funding, admissions and RAG ratings. 

The school is still very unhappy about the length of time this ‘process’ has taken and the mental detriment this has caused to families and staff over an unnecessarily protracted consultation. 

We’re delighted for our young people’s futures and their families! 

With kind regards and here’s to a glass of celebratory prosecco! 

Darron Jackson, 
Joshua Roberts,
19 May 2016, 05:40