The Immersive Classroom

An Immersive Classroom for Gorseland Primary School will be a whole school resource. It is a tool to provide complex experiences and sensory environments for all children. With over a years planning and researching this project is one of a kind, with only a handful of Immersive Classrooms available in the UK. This is a project that can transport the children across the world, and through time or just calm those in need.

Please see more below.

The Immersive Classroom will be a purpose built room located in the SSC Play area by the Link Corridor exit. The outside will be clad in Red Cedar wood panels and will be secured using our current card system. 

Inside there will be an interactive screen stretching across 3 walls, interactive floor projection, a Clevertouch touchscreen tv (just like we have in the SSC) and Full room dynamic lighting. The temperature of the room is controlled using the inbuilt air condition unit. A UV flood light, 3 turbo wind fans, a multi scent system, smoke machine and surround sound system provide customisable experiences. The beauty of the room is it is all controlled through one tablet meaning anyone can learn how to use the room easily. 

The room will also provide a much needed advanced sensory space for the children in the school. This is not limited to the SSC and will be available to provide new intervention techniques for all children. The room has added sensory equipment such as an LED infinity tunnel, LED light tube, LED fibre optic tails and full room colour lighting. 

Below is the exact design of our Immersive Classroom. This is custom to our needs.


The room could potentially have a massive impact on the school in many areas. One example of this could be in a KS2 class. 
The class is learning about the Egyptians and have been tasked to write a diary style piece of writing about a day in the life of an Egyptian. The class can go into the Immersive Classroom and experience an Egyptian mummification. The temperature can be set to hot, with digital sand on the floor. The musty aroma of a Mummy fills the room whilst images and videos of key parts of the topic are displayed on the screens in the room. A breeze flows through the room as the sound of a camel echoes around the room. This can all be achieved in minutes. This has the potential to enrich the writing that children produce.

Alternatively, a child that requires a specific environment to help them focus and be in the right mindframe to learn and can be helped. The room could be a specific colour, with calming sounds and could even have a digital waterfall on the walls that the child could interact with to calm them.

The flexibility of the room is incredible and with ideas shared across the school we could have preset lessons ready to go for you or preset environments for specific children ready for when it is required.

All in all the children will share experiences that they will remember and be excited by.

How much?
The big question. This as you imagine is not cheap. The project will cost around £85,000. The plan is that no money from the school budget will fund the project. Fundraising and charitable contributions will provide the funding needed. This could be in the form of sponsorship or large donations made by charity organisations that support special projects in schools. This is a whole school resource, and if the whole school can work together on this than we could achieve something amazing.

What can I do?
If you have any ideas on fundraising or potential uses for the project then please share them. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Whats inside?
  • Western Red Cedar clad 6m x 4m insulated AmbiSpace Pod with single pitch thermal aluminium roof system
  • 3 x interactive walls (touch and gesture)
  • 1 x interactive floor (gesture)
  • 1 x 55” Clevertouch screen
  • Full room dynamic LED lighting
  • App controlled air conditioning
  • UV flood light
  • App controlled rotating LED dome
  • 3 x turbo wind fans
  • Multi scent system
  • Smoke machine
  • Vinyl seating with built in vibration
  • Surround sound system
  • LED infinity tunnel
  • LED app controlled light tube with mirrors
  • LED sparkle fibre optic tails
  • Tablet based app control system
  • Black suspended ceiling
  • Seamless internal wall finish
  • Commercial grade cushion vinyl flooring