Discussion questions

Talk about these questions with someone at home.
  1. What is fly tipping?
  2. Why do people do it?
  3. Why is it a problem?
Writing Challenge

Choose one of these writing challenges.
  1. Write your answers to the discussion questions above.
  2. How can we persuade people to stop fly tipping? Write a leaflet, letter or poster.
  3. Imagine a scene where an eco super hero stops some people from fly tipping. Write a script, short story or a comic strip.
  4. Write a poem about fly tipping and how it spoils our environment for us and people in the future
If you would like your writing to be displayed on a wall in school or on the website, please think carefully about how to make it your best effort.


In May 2014, Y4 did some rubbish homework. They had to find out more about what happens to their rubbish once it is collected and what the words reduce, reuse, recycle mean. Below is some of their learning.