The children in KS2 are learning French as a Modern Foreign Language. Listen to Y6 talking French.

Years 3 & 4

In years 3 & 4, the children are introduced to French through a variety of topics such as numbers, colours and greetings. They are encouraged to learn single words in French leading gradually on to phrases. This is mainly done as a speaking and listening activity but also involves some reading and writing in French.

Years 5 & 6

In years 5 & 6, the children build on their knowledge previously, learnt in the middle years. They are encouraged to go into more detail in their answers. This sometimes involves looking at simple responses but also being given the opportunity to extend their vocabulary to answer in phrases and sentences.

An example of this would be in the topic of Personal Descriptions where the children are taught ways to describe themselves.

J’ai les cheveux marron et j’ai les yeux bleus. Quelques fois je suis sympa
(I have brown hair and blue eyes. Sometimes I am kind)

In year 6 the children also have the opportunity to undertake a one-to-one speaking and listening evaluation with Mrs Jablonski.

Intercultural Understanding

The children also look at France as a country. This involves looking at seasonal festivals such as Christmas and Easter as well as life in France.
Useful Websites

A good website which includes topics such as numbers and greetings. Also including games and songs.

Here you can find photos of France as well as puzzles on topics such as animals, the body, clothing, shopping, colours, family, transport , Nationality and numbers.

This website has resources for numbers, animals, time, weather, food and drink, the body and clothing as well as hobbies and sport.