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SSC2 - Dragonfly Class

Suffolk Young Carers

posted by Maria Parsons   [ updated ]

We have been focussing on ‘caring for others’ during friendship week and in relation to our topic ‘Ourselves and Others’. We really enjoyed a visit from Jess and Keiron from Suffolk Young Carers and they arrived with 7 young carers from Kesgrave High School who did a wonderful job of answering the children’s questions about their responsibilities at home and how they help other people.

Ladybird and Dragonfly Class enjoyed play activities including washing up, hanging up clothes, dressing soft toys and making sandwiches. One pupil commented that it was difficult to wash up at the same time as looking after a baby and several children said they felt helpful and grown up carrying out the tasks. The pupils also took part in active challenges to see which skills they can already do and which ones they can’t do yet and might need to practice even though they're tricky. This emphasised the need for perseverance when caring for others. Some pupils also chose to make thank you cards for somebody who helps others and several pupils wanted to give their card to our visitors which was a kind gesture.

At the end of the session, some pupils wanted to share their personal experiences of caring while others identified jobs that they will try and help with at home from now on. Thank you very much to Jess, Keiron and the Young Carers who were very positive role models to us at Gorseland. 

We continued Friendship Week with the religious stories of 'The Good Samaritan' and 'Be My Guest' in English, discussing the impact of our words in our weekly friendship lesson and E-Safety work in Computing. What a busy and thoughtful week!

Diwali Shared Morning

posted 22 Oct 2017, 15:24 by Maria Parsons   [ updated 22 Oct 2017, 15:27 ]

In Dragonfly Class, we have continued our focus on other people by finding out about traditional clothing from different countries and discussing different beliefs and religions. We have learned about Diwali and compared the festival of lights to Christian festivals during the year. We also invited parents and carers into the SSC for a Diwali shared learning morning and we explored how the festival is celebrated by Jains and Sikhs as well as Hindus. We really enjoyed talking about Diwali while taking part in activities such as: re-telling the story of Rama and Sita using puppets, making paper lanterns, creating henna designs, decorating biscuits with firework designs and contributing to a collaborative multi-sensory rangoli pattern. 

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us and share our learning. 

Food From Around the World

posted 22 Oct 2017, 14:17 by Maria Parsons   [ updated 22 Oct 2017, 14:23 ]

The pupils in Dragonfly Class have been enjoying our focus on ‘others’ and thinking about how we are similar or different to each other. We began by exploring food from around the world and the pupils were willing to try new things, including mint tea, oriental spiced tofu and poppadoms with mango chutney. There were some very mixed reactions to the food and drink! They learned where each item originally came from, looked at the country on a world map and created a word bank of adjectives related to the five senses which was used in their descriptive writing the following lesson.

 We also compared school lunches around the world using conjunctions. Pupils were very surprised to hear that seaweed is sometimes eaten with tofu soup in Japan while fufu and caterpillars can be on the menu in DR Congo! Would you prefer this food for lunch? 

All About Ourselves

posted 3 Oct 2017, 13:15 by Maria Parsons

We have been enjoying our new topic of ‘Ourselves and Others’ and we have been focussing on us, our families, friends and role models. We have created fact files, autobiographies and written about memories of special people to name just a few activities. It's been wonderful to see the pupils willing to share personal stories and talk about people they miss, including their friends who have moved onto high school. Excellent communication and writing!



Over the last few weeks we have settled into our new routines and tried hard to develop our self-help skills. Lots of achievements have been celebrated including: bringing home-school folders in each day, carrying out classroom responsibilities, tidying away to look after our classroom and organising our personal belongings. Several pupils have also made progress with getting ready for school in the mornings with the help of visuals at home, one pupil has learned to ride his bike independently and another has joined an after school club for the first time. What a great start to the school year! Here are some photographs showing how independent and helpful we can be in Dragonfly Class. 

Felixstowe Port Trip

posted 2 Jul 2017, 12:29 by Maria Parsons

We felt very privileged to have a police escort and behind the scenes tour of Felixstowe Port today as part of our transport topic and Take One Picture focus. The pupils (and staff, parents and carers) excitedly had their noses pressed against the windows as the coach drove around the busy port, passing thousands of containers, hundreds of lorries, many cranes, three train stations and two huge ships. We watched the containers being taken off the ships to be unloaded while empty containers began their export journey. We also spotted a familiar parent at work!


The children learned that the Port of Felixstowe is Britain’s biggest and busiest container port, welcoming 3000 ships each year and it even has its own emergency services on site. The goods we saw being unloaded ranged from meat to vehicles and the children enjoyed making their own predictions about the contents. Ideas included Star Wars figures, crisps and pianos!

When the tour was over, we enjoyed a picnic and play in the park. Some of the pupils decided to re-enact the port in the sand area to prepare for their future dream jobs. Thank you to those who were able to join us on the trip, Felixstowe Port and Gorseland PFA as we put our class fund towards the cost of the trip. 

Den Day

posted 2 Jul 2017, 11:34 by Maria Parsons   [ updated 2 Jul 2017, 11:36 ]

The pupils in Dragonfly Class really enjoyed spending Den Day in their class meeting groups, working with children from across the school that have become familiar faces. The children were very excited about the day and tried very hard to listen to their peers and contribute ideas during the making stage. 

Once the dens were made, Dragonfly Class had just as much fun playing in them! They shared books, fiddle toys and colouring with their team mates while two of the boys went upstairs in their den to ‘watch TV’ and ‘play video games’. 
                                                    What a fun day that promoted communication and working with others!

Year 6 Film Week

posted 27 May 2017, 04:31 by Maria Parsons

The Year 6 pupils in Dragonfly Class were thrilled to be part of Film Week alongside the mainstream Year 6 classes. The only given criteria for their film was the theme: change. The pupils thought hard about things that change and what the theme means to them. After contributing several ideas, they decided to write a film script based on the changes they will have to make in September as they move on to high school. They met Paul Press and his team and were shown the filming equipment in an assembly before he read and approved their script.

Julian, Nathan, Alex, Curtis and Gabrielle really enjoyed the filming process with Paul and Alfie. They asked lots of questions, used the clapperboard, boom mic and video camera and were willing to speak in front of the camera and carry out actions for cutaway scenes. They also took interest in watching the clips being edited together to create their film. Lovely enthusiasm to try something new, Dragonflies!

Transport topic - road focus

posted 10 May 2017, 09:13 by Maria Parsons

We are very enthusiastic about our new transport topic in Dragonfly Class! We started the term by becoming storytellers and writers for Aaron Becker’s imaginative adventure text ‘Journey’. After lunchtime play one day we found Lego and pencils covering the floor and were shocked to hear that the Naughty Bus had carelessly driven through our classroom! We had great fun re-telling ‘The Naughty Bus’ before inventing our own troublesome stories.


 Our road focus has enabled us to have exciting visits from Paul with his motorbike and the Fire and Rescue service with their fire engine. The pupils learned subject-specific vocabulary and asked questions about the equipment and how the firefighters help in emergency situations. We also really enjoyed trying on the uniform and spraying the hose as you'll see in the pictures below! 

Thank you to everyone involved.


World Book Day

posted 6 Apr 2017, 05:35 by Maria Parsons

Ladybird Class and Dragonfly Class really enjoyed taking part in storytelling and reading activities to celebrate World Book Day. The pupils came in very excited to look at the costumes, accessories and books that were brought in and it was lovely to see some children willing to wear something different to school for the first time. Which book characters do you recognise?

 The children enjoyed listening to stories read by the adults and they could be heard laughing at a pop-up wolf, naming Kipper and his friends, discussing what Cuddly Dudley should do and identifying emotions in ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’.


Then it was the children’s turn to share their favourite books and the SSC teamed up with Class 6C for a very successful reading session. Some pupils chose to sit with PALS or peers they recognised from class meetings and others were able to chat about stories with unfamiliar children. What excellent discussions, reading, politeness and patience!


The next challenge was to create a setting from a book. Ideas included a soft play Eiffel Tower, a Lego Gotham City and the ‘Land of Ooo’ made out of Jenga bricks. What setting would you choose to make?

 We had lots of fun in the afternoon making book characters out of potatoes with our parents and carers. What superb results! 
Which characters do you think we created?

The last challenge was to tell stories using our characters and settings. 

Some very original ideas were heard after such a fun day of creative activities and sharing books! 

Thank you to everyone who shared World Book Day with us. We are now even more enthusiastic about reading!

Young Voices at the O2

posted 13 Feb 2017, 10:02 by Maria Parsons   [ updated 13 Feb 2017, 10:05 ]

Five pupils in Dragonfly Class have shown commitment to the mainstream choir club this year and were invited to sing at the Young Voices concert at the O2 arena. They followed instructions in a busy London environment, persevered throughout the very long day and thoroughly enjoyed singing and dancing during rehearsals and the final performance in front of thousands of people. Fantastic efforts and what a wonderful experience! 

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