Will anyone stop that Evil pea?!

posted 19 Jun 2017, 05:37 by Amy Churchyard

The children were animated by the discovery of trapped veggies! They were keen to make some super observations of their findings and write lists of all of their findings!
The children used their imaginations to think of ideas of how they could rescue the veggies and stop Evil Pea from causing more chaos!


posted 22 May 2017, 07:04 by Amy Churchyard   [ updated 3 Jun 2017, 08:40 ]

TROLLS have taken over!
There has been lots of excitement in Reception this week with the arrival of Poppy! The children have enjoyed taking on the role of the expert teaching the adults lots!
From role play, to play scripts, to baking the children's learning has extremely diverse and they have produced a wealth of Troll products. 


posted 8 May 2017, 07:39 by Amy Churchyard

WOW our dinosaur knowledge is amazing! We started of by sharing our prior knowledge of dinosaurs with the adults and our friends. 

Moving on from this we made an EGG discovery which sparked our imaginations. We have been busy building nests, as well as writing lists of things we need to collect ready to keep the baby dinosaurs alive when they hatch. 
We have created masses of dinosaurs using a variety of tools and techniques, we have taken on the role of dinosaurs in our play, we have visited the dinosaur shop and much much more. 

Easter Bonnets!

posted 13 Apr 2017, 08:44 by Amy Churchyard

WOW our outdoor classroom was filled with beautiful hand crafted creations that the children were proud of! 
It was a lovely morning with the children and their families engaging in lots of Easter challenges, producing some fabulous products. As always we wish to thank all of those who came to make the morning so special, it means alot to the children and the Reception team!
We did have our top three from each class but all of the children were credited for their efforts!

Did somebody say magic beans?!

posted 20 Mar 2017, 11:34 by Amy Churchyard

A mysterious footprint and some gold beans... it could only mean one thing! The children were keen to use their prior knowledge to help solve the mystery and with their instructions a beanstalk grew! They have shown real enthusiasm to explore the traditional Jack and the beanstalk and have been keen to make their own twist on the story. From measuring, to giant paintings we have been doing things on a large scale!


Learn Play Grow Taster

posted 20 Mar 2017, 11:11 by Amy Churchyard

We enjoyed having a taster session with the Learn Play Grow coaches showing us what is on offer for their after school club. They will be running sessions after Easter on a Friday afternoon... look out for the details in book bags if you and your child is interested!

The Tiger who came to tea...

posted 20 Mar 2017, 11:05 by Amy Churchyard

We have continued to show an interest in Jungle animals and have been inspired by some great stories. The arrival of a massive tiger was a great way to start the day and prompted us to use our knowledge of the story 'The tiger who came to tea' to inspire our learning. As the week progressed we were introduced to a new animal each day which themed our learning. As always we have been busy demonstrating a variety of learning experiences from writing shopping lists to making up jungle dances!


posted 8 Mar 2017, 02:15 by Tanya Haig

We had great fun getting our raised beds ready for planting and the growing season. We cleared out weeds and planted potatoes, looking forward to tasting them! The group were excited to make labels to warn others that potatoes are growing in the soil and not to dig. Great use of phonics!

World Book Day

posted 2 Mar 2017, 10:31 by Amy Churchyard   [ updated 8 Mar 2017, 01:50 by Tanya Haig ]

WOW what excellent costumes the children had! A massive thankyou to all parents and families for making such an effort the children really have had a fabulous day! 
We were all very keen to talk about one anothers costumes and chosen stories. It was lovely to link up with Year 1 to have a book share and link up with children of similar interests.
I'm sure they will tell you all about the poisoned apple and the missing pants!...

Shrove Tuesday

posted 2 Mar 2017, 10:23 by Amy Churchyard   [ updated 8 Mar 2017, 01:55 by Tanya Haig ]

We had lots of fun sharing our experiences of Pancake day! The children were keen to show off their understanding and successfully followed recipes to produce some delicious pancakes to eat! From cooking, to writing recipes, to voting for favourite toppings, to pancake races, we can safely say we were all pancaked out!

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