Year 2B


posted 22 Jun 2017, 08:11 by Alison Lansdowne

In science we have been growing different vegetables. Before we started we thought about what we would need to plant our carrot and bean seeds. We used compost to plant our vegetables and discussed what the seeds would need to grow successfully.   

PSHE in the Forest!

posted 22 Jun 2017, 07:53 by Alison Lansdowne

As part of our PSHE learning this term we have been working as a team and responding to ideas. In forest school this week we recreated ‘Den Day’ with a twist; this time it was for a minibeast! We had to work with a partner to collect materials and share ideas to be successful.   

Team Races!

posted 22 Jun 2017, 07:17 by Alison Lansdowne

We worked in teams to plan, create and take part in obstacle races. Our race had to include running, using a ball, two hula hoops and have a fixed end point. For our team to be successful we had to listen to each other and share our own ideas too.  

Beebot Challenges!

posted 24 May 2017, 09:02 by Alison Lansdowne

In Computing this week we have been using the Beebots to create challenges based on position and direction. We have been learning how to give instructions that involve words such as left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter, half and full turns. 


posted 22 May 2017, 09:06 by Alison Lansdowne   [ updated 24 May 2017, 08:53 ]

Last week we went to Year 4 as part of our PSHE learning. We completed 3 different teamwork tasks with a twist - we could only use one hand each! We had to use our communication skills to speak and listen to our partners very carefully in order to be successful and complete each challenge.

Take One Picture

posted 27 Apr 2017, 08:04 by Alison Lansdowne

In art this week we looked at the Take One Picture for this year. We pieced the picture together like a jigsaw puzzle and thought about what questions we want to ask and what we would like to find out more about next lesson. 

Grandparents Gardening!

posted 27 Apr 2017, 07:54 by Alison Lansdowne   [ updated 27 Apr 2017, 07:56 ]

We enjoyed being involved in the Grandparents Gardening afternoon as part of the Food for Life Bronze award. We planted lettuces, carrots and radishes and thought about what the plants will need in order to grow.

Norwich Puppet Theatre Visit

posted 27 Apr 2017, 07:22 by Alison Lansdowne

At the end of last term we had a visit from Norwich Puppet Theatre as a treat from the PFA. We watched a fantastic production of Thumbelina and were also lucky enough to find out how the puppets worked at the end of the show. A very big thank you to the PFA for providing this for us!

Hockey Skills!

posted 30 Mar 2017, 05:01 by Alison Lansdowne

In hockey this term we have been learning a variety of different skills such as passing, tackling and dribbling the ball with increasing control. 

Paint a Person!

posted 21 Mar 2017, 06:18 by Alison Lansdowne

In Art this week we have been using watercolours to paint Katie Morag, focusing on her clothes, face and hair to recreate the character. We were very careful to use colour and shade to create our paintings. 

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