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Creative minds!

posted 19 Oct 2015, 10:25 by Adele Wash   [ updated 24 Nov 2015, 01:11 by Joshua Roberts ]
In our class we love being creative. 
During our first half term in Year 1 we have worked together to make various creations and models.

Do you like our new clothes and accessories?

Working together helps us build bigger and better models!




                                    Picture 1                                     Picture 2                                     Picture 3                                 Picture 4

Picture 1 - 'The Science Lab, it's where the Terminator finds out things. They found out DNA.' 

Picture 2- 'That's the TV, you see the criminals running around the city.'

Picture 3 - 'Man yellows base and garage.'

Picture 4 - 'Camera to see criminals in the base. The red bit is the sticky up bit, the black is the detail, the yellow bit is the glass bit.' 

'This can see a lot of countries. It can see Jamaica, Africa, France, North Pole, South Pole, Spain, America and Paris. It lasers bad people, if you push this button lasers come out and you have to jump over them.'