Year 2A

2A Olympics- Throwing

posted 25 Apr 2017, 00:22 by Laura Mathews

After watching videos of Rio 2016 and the throwing events, we were inspired to improve our throwing skills. We developed our technique and accuracy when throwing by playing a number of games. 
Next week- Jumping! 


We're going on a bug hunt!

posted 21 Apr 2017, 08:01 by Laura Mathews   [ updated 21 Apr 2017, 08:04 ]

Yesterday, we set out on a bug hunt to discover which creatures had made their homes in the school grounds. We discussed why creatures had chosen certain habitats and how they may have adapted to it. We also used our maths skills to create a tally chart for the creatures we found. We had to make sure we recorded carefully and used the bug pots to examine what we had found.



posted 31 Mar 2017, 09:23 by Laura Mathews

We spent the afternoon gardening with our grandparents. First, we got the weeds out of the planters and then we planted the seeds. We have planted radish, lettuce and spinach seeds and we will be looking after them next term.


Norwich Puppet Theatre

posted 31 Mar 2017, 04:52 by Laura Mathews

Yesterday, we watched a puppet show called Thumbelina. We enjoyed watching the lady use different types of puppets to tell the story. At the end, she showed us how the puppets move and what they are called. Thank you to the PFA for this lovely end of term treat!


Class Assembly

posted 31 Mar 2017, 04:47 by Laura Mathews

We enjoyed performing our class assembly to the school on Wednesday. We showcased our singing, dancing and maths skills. Our country dancing was brilliant and we enjoyed singing 'Grandma Rap'


Experience Easter

posted 21 Mar 2017, 05:58 by Laura Mathews

We went to the church this morning to learn how Christians celebrate Easter. 
We learnt about The Last Supper and the role of disciples.


posted 10 Mar 2017, 10:10 by Laura Mathews

On Thursday, we made shortbread. We had to weigh all of our own ingredients and follow the recipe. Miss Mathews only needed to help us a little bit and she was very impressed with our cooking skills. 


World Book Day

posted 7 Mar 2017, 04:38 by Laura Mathews

On Thursday we dressed up as our favourite book characters. 
We enjoyed sharing our books with Year 3.



posted 28 Feb 2017, 06:09 by Laura Mathews

In PE, we have been practising our dribbling skills. We have all worked hard to keep control of the ball and increase our speed.


Golden Km

posted 28 Feb 2017, 06:04 by Laura Mathews

We have been improving our personal fitness by running a km three times a week. We have to run four laps of the field. We collect a cube for each lap we have completed. 


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