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Science Skeletons

posted 30 Mar 2017, 03:33 by Claire Pearsons

We have been looking at the human skeleton and other types of skeleton animals might have.  We know why we have them and what some of the scientific vocabulary is.

Easter Experience at our local church

posted 30 Mar 2017, 03:27 by Claire Pearsons

We walked to our local church and the people there told us different parts of the Easter stories and they did some activities with us.

Zeus Dance

posted 15 Mar 2017, 09:09 by Claire Pearsons

Zeus Dance rehearsals going well!  Super dynamic moves and expression throughout our pieces.  Ask to see our videos!

World Book Day sharing

posted 15 Mar 2017, 09:05 by Claire Pearsons

We looked great in our World Book Day costumes and enjoyed sharing our favourite books, explaining why.  We shared our books with year 2.

Arcimboldo meets Andy Goldsworthy

posted 15 Mar 2017, 09:02 by Claire Pearsons

We took inspiration from the art work of Andy Goldsworthy and Arcimboldo when creating our portraits during our Forest Schools time.

Martlesham 100

posted 15 Mar 2017, 08:56 by Claire Pearsons

We had a look at the Martlesham 100 work the whole school have been doing.

Home/School share afternoon

posted 15 Mar 2017, 08:54 by Claire Pearsons

We had an afternoon with our families to look at ways we can support and develop our Reading, Spelling and Mathematical skills at home and in school.

Hinduism by Ayush

posted 15 Mar 2017, 08:50 by Claire Pearsons

Ayush prepared a fantastic speech at home and brought in resources to enhance our understanding of Hinduism.  Well done Ayush and thank-you!

Science- Measuring force

posted 15 Mar 2017, 08:47 by Claire Pearsons

We measured the force needed to move different surfaces (stuck on blocks) on the carpet.


posted 24 Jan 2017, 08:45 by Claire Pearsons

In groups of four, we created our own soundscapes for the opening of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  We were rather good at it!

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