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Our Concert Trip to Snape Maltings and Aldeburgh

posted 17 Nov 2016, 04:33 by Christine Adelson

We all gathered outside the concert hall before it began.                                      Arriving early  we had time to walk around the building, in the sunshine. We even had to walk through a reedbed! Inside the concert hall it was dark and our eyes took a little while to adjust. There were groups of musicians who played to us. Some sang and others played musical instruments. After the concert we went to the beach to eat our lunches. Our challenge was to make a musical instrument picture out of different coloured stones.
'It was very very loud in the concert.'  Kian

'I think there were five bands altogether. Snape Maltings used to be a barn.' Millie

'Snape Maltings is a wonderful concert hall. It can have over 150 people and the grand piano had to have its lid as tall as it can be so the people at the back can hear the piano. The first band had peach and brown violins and the trumpets were silver and gold. the drums were brown and blue.' Henry

'I really liked the second band because it was calm. Also, it sounded like guitars and xylophones. That band was brilliant.' Sam