Year 4A

Vegetable Pottage and Re-fried Beans!

posted 27 Jun 2017, 08:57 by Christine Adelson

What's for dinner? Well, in Tudor times it was whatever was available in the garden or hedgerows. Most days, poor people would eat vegetables prepared in a big cooking pot over the fire.  We learned to peel and cut vegetables safely and picked our own fresh herbs from the garden. It smelt good and tasted even better!
                                                                        Some of us had seconds and thirds!

Tudor Knot Gardens

posted 27 Jun 2017, 02:26 by Christine Adelson

Following our trip to Layer Marney Tower, we looked at different knot gardens. Using 2D regular shapes, we planned our designs. Working in small groups, we had to ensure that our designs had an element of symmetry.

Next we designed our own knot gardens, using dotted paper to help us to draw accurately.  Using rulers we made sure our lines were straight. We drew around templates for difficult shapes, like circles and ovals.  Making the box hedges out of tissue paper required perseverance.
    When the hedging is finished we will add colourful plants and  herbs!


posted 27 Jun 2017, 01:54 by Christine Adelson

In Science this term we will be looking at light.  We began by finding sources of light and then looked at reflective materials. There was lots of discussion about which materials were most reflective and how to make the best test.

Learning at Layer Marney Tower

posted 7 Jun 2017, 08:47 by Christine Adelson

A windy Wednesday took us to Layer Marney Tower, the tallest Tudor tower in the land.  We had a great day, learning about daily life, school and medicines. Did you know that only the boys went to school? Did you know that Tudor people had stinging nettles to eat with their oats?
Did you know that Henry VIII would take your house away from you and put you in prison if he thought your house was too grand?

The Tudors

posted 7 Jun 2017, 08:35 by Christine Adelson

We are learning about the Tudors this term. Did you know about the Tudor Rose?  It is the emblem of the Tudors, invented when Henry VII married Elizabeth of York. The red rose represents the House of Lancaster and the white rose represents the House of York. We used a collage technique to make Tudor rose emblems.

Incredible Class Assembly!

posted 16 May 2017, 01:22 by Christine Adelson

May 10th 2017 - 3A Class Assembly

We began thinking about our class assembly in ICT where we used all the things we had been learning about to make a presentation. Considering our audience meant that we had to think about the background and font colours we chose as well as the things we wanted to say. We imported  photographs and pictures too. 


posted 16 May 2017, 01:11 by Christine Adelson

We have been learning about perimeter and how to measure it.  Using straws we made triangles and calculated the perimeter of each one. The perimeter is the distance all the way around the edge.

A Great Day at Trinity Park

posted 4 May 2017, 13:34 by Christine Adelson

No sooner were we back from the holidays than packed our rucksacks and set off for the Trinity Park Farm fair. We had a great day including a tractor ride and a good look at lots of machines. We had a hands on experience with lots of animals and found out about how carrots are grown. When we returned to school we thought of lots of reasons why children should go again next year!

Science - In the Woodland

posted 4 May 2017, 13:25 by Christine Adelson

     The sun was shining so we ventured out into the woods. We were looking for parts of plants.There were lots of different types in the woods including silver birch, nettles, ferns and gorse.  After identifying roots and stems, buds and leaves we settles down to make accurate, labelled drawing of what we had found.

Easter Experience

posted 4 May 2017, 13:15 by Christine Adelson

We walked to St Michael's church, where we learned about the Easter Story. There were people who gave us things to do and to think about.
 Later, on the last day of term, we made Easter Gardens, which we took home for the holidays. We put real grass seed in them and if we remembered to water the gardens, the grass would grow by Easter Sunday.

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