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Online safety rules for Meet!

posted 21 Jun 2017, 09:55 by Hannah Clark   [ updated 30 Jun 2017, 04:54 ]

We have been researching the smart safety rules and have chosen a word to write rules about to help people online to stay safe and know what to do if this would ever happen. You may think that there is no chance this would happen to you. You think there is  there is a 0% chance that this problem will become an issue well that will become true when you take my advice on internet safety.

1.Meeting someone you’ve only been in touch with online can be dangerous

2.Tell a trusted adult or anybody close who you trust

3.If you decide to meet up bring somebody with you NEVER decide to meet up without a parent or anybody that you know you’ll be safe with






Always be safe online specially when it comes to meeting. You need to know that you’ll be safe and that people online can’t always be who they say they are.