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Being busy with fizzy

posted 30 Jun 2017, 09:01 by Hannah Clark

On Thursday, we had a fabulous science lesson where we got to work out which one of our favourite fizzy drinks were the fizziest. In our tables, we got to have a drink to weigh the gas to see what the fizziest was. Here are the drinks that we had: cherryade,  doctor fizz,  lemonade,  diet coke and tango. Before we worked out what the fizziest of them were, we had to know how it works. Here’s a demo: the bubbles in the drink added more weight so when we weighed the drinks depending on the bubbles to try to get the highest weight. But when it was flat, it had to be the lowest therefore, the biggest difference won. In our case doctor fizz won with a whopping difference of 12g.