Year 4B

When we became in charge of a town...

posted 20 Apr 2017, 08:00 by Hannah Clark

Yesterday we were given the opportunity to plan our towns. We were allowed to put whatever feature we wanted in our town to make it the best town possible. We had to create in from a bird's eye view and consider the ratio of the different features that we were including. We used coloured paper to show the different features and created a key to show what they all meant. However, today we received a letter from the council saying that our towns would not work due to them not being eco-friendly. As a group, we had to research features that towns had to make them eco-friendly so that we were able to adapt ours to ensure that it was more green!


Why does Dumbledore write formally?

posted 24 Mar 2017, 10:44 by Hannah Clark

Today in literacy, we have started looking at letter writing and trying to identify the difference between formal and informal writing. We use Talk for Writing to help us understand the formal language. We hahd a letter that was sent to Harry Potter trying to convience him to go to Hogwarts. We got into our groups and using our posh voice, using talk for writing, got the opportunity to put actions to the words. This helped us with remembering what formal language was.

Anglian Water

posted 22 Mar 2017, 00:50 by Hannah Clark

Yesterday afternoon, we had a visitor from Anglian water! He came to tell us why water was so important and how they reuse water. He gave us some top tips on how to save water and how we could also save money and energy! We then went on to making sewage so that we could understand what should and shouldn't go down our drains!


posted 19 Mar 2017, 11:41 by Hannah Clark

Wow, what an amazing trip we had! 4B had a fantastic residential where we got to explore the forest. By doing canoeing, climbing, archery and caving, all of us got to have some fun and conquer a fear that we had! We had so much fun as a class and really showed some true sportsmanship throughout the whole class. Everyone was encouraging each other and we truly had an amazing experience! Miss Clark was a very proud teacher!

Bake Off!

posted 9 Mar 2017, 00:25 by Hannah Clark   [ updated 9 Mar 2017, 02:05 ]

This week, we had a surprise bake off! The children had to work as a team to make a tropical fruit rainforest cake. As a team, they had to decide on flavours that they wanted in their cake and learn how to compromise when they didn't get exactly what they wanted. By being independent, the children read the recipes and started baking! The children used a yoghurt pot for their scales, which was very exciting. We then got to try them! The children loved the session, however next time, they may choose a different flavour!

Off to visit a Tudor Doctor.

posted 6 Mar 2017, 07:20 by Hannah Clark   [ updated 9 Mar 2017, 00:20 ]

Our new history topic this term is diseases and medicines through time. Last week, we looked at the Tudors. We started off  pretending we had these different diseases and Miss Clark came round to offer different bizarre cures that might help us. We then spent some time looking into the common illnesses and cures that would have been given in the Tudor times. Our challenge... was to become the doctor. We looked at some of the illnesses that we knew or had experienced before e.g. headache. We tried to give a diagnosis the tudor way. We really enjoyed this lesson and got stuck in to all diseases  !                                       

World Book Day!

posted 3 Mar 2017, 00:31 by Hannah Clark   [ updated 9 Mar 2017, 02:08 ]

World Book Day was a great excuse to share all of our favourite books. We had a variety of children who dressed up as a character from their favourite book and other children brought their book in to share. We spent some time writing a book review on our favourite book, thinking about the reasons behind why we enjoy them. We then had time to go round and have a read of the book reviews and look at the books to gain some ideas of books we may want to read in the future! This really brought reading to life!


posted 1 Mar 2017, 06:48 by Hannah Clark   [ updated 9 Mar 2017, 02:11 ]

In PE, we have started looking at hockey. We started looking at controlling the ball and being in the correct position when holding a hockey stick and moving the ball. We did this by trying to write our names with the ball, trying to keep it under control and moving our sticks in the right direction. We then moved on to playing some games where we had to move around controlling the ball, and when the whistle blew, stopping and doing an activity. This was a great first lesson!

Rainforest Music

posted 21 Feb 2017, 00:52 by Hannah Clark   [ updated 9 Mar 2017, 02:13 ]

During music we have explored making rain. Using different parts of our bodies we explored the different sounds we could make, so that we could compose music that sounded like rain. We looked at our mouths first and explored the different music we could make using our tongues and changing the structure of our mouth. We then explored all of our body parts to see what we could make. We then composed our own rain music that we thought it would be like in the rainforest.

Thorpe Woodlands Final Meeting

posted 21 Feb 2017, 00:31 by Melanie Lambert

Thorpe Woodlands final meeting

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