Year 5A

Space Research

posted 5 Nov 2017, 12:43 by Catherine Bryant   [ updated 5 Nov 2017, 12:44 ]

CLIC peer tutoring

posted 13 Jul 2017, 02:31 by Melanie Lambert

The children have done a wonderful job of teaching each other this morning! They have shared their wisdom and skills and helped each other try and understand some of the trickier CLIC questions.

The TOP stencil designs!

posted 5 Jul 2017, 05:07 by Melanie Lambert

For our take one picture (a.k.a. TOP (see how the title’s funny yet?!)), we made some stencil designs. To know how to do them, we looked at Banksy and Keith Haring and noticed how they always put meanings behind their pictures. We then thought of messages that we wanted to send to the world and drew silhouettes of stencils so we could make the stencils out of cardboard and do the paintings on canvas. I learnt how important it is to look after animals.

A reflection on Year 4

posted 5 Jul 2017, 05:05 by Melanie Lambert

On Tuesday  the 4th of July, we got an hour and ten minutes to write about things that we enjoyed about year 4,things we had achieved in year 4,things that we wanted to improve and things we were looking forward to in year 5.I learned that if you shade over your writing you can still see it.


posted 5 Jul 2017, 05:04 by Melanie Lambert

Yesterday we did some division using the wonky T method. There were 4 challenges I did the hardest one. Which involved some algebra, we had to use division and multiplication to find out what (N) meant. Also it helped my method with big numbers. In the end I managed to figure it all out!

Goodbye Mrs Woodman!

posted 5 Jul 2017, 05:02 by Melanie Lambert

On Tuesday we wrote and read Mrs woodman (the librarian ) a goodbye poem . Firstly , we had the first verse of the poem to carry on from and we used our knowledge of poems and rhyme to finish the poem  . later , 4a learnt about how to use rhyme properly so, the 2nd and 4th line had to  rhyme . In the afternoon , we went to the library and we returned our last books for the year and we sat down for a story ,after the story , Jake and melody stood up and read the poem whilst Mrs woodman cried. 

Unconfirmed Banksy!

posted 28 Jun 2017, 07:47 by Melanie Lambert

In our new Take one picture project we are learning about Banksy the graffiti artist that use’s art to try stop bad things going on  Earth. His identity is unknown so nobody has a clue accept his best friend a rapper called Goldy. The most we know is he’s British; we think . In our lesson we had to write on a sheet of paper what he does such as: concentrate, don’t give up and imagine. We also had to find out why he does it. We then each took a picture then decided what we thought it meant in our table groups.  

Time to fizz up!

posted 28 Jun 2017, 07:45 by Melanie Lambert

On Thursday we looked at gases. We decided to weigh different fizzy drinks (that didn’t have sugar in) to see if gas had a weight. We then had to see which drink had the most bubbles. Even though it sounded easy, it wasn’t. The drinks we weighed were : Orange, Cherryade, Lemonade and D.R fizz. We also weighed how much carbon dioxide was in the drinks. It was so much fun!

We are starting a Greek Zoo!!

posted 28 Jun 2017, 07:43 by Melanie Lambert

Today we started our Greek zoo, we needed to get the correct area to fit the Greek beasts. 

Here are some of the beasts:









We tried to use rectilinear  shapes to create the enclosures.

Den Day

posted 21 Jun 2017, 05:46 by Melanie Lambert

Last Friday, (15th of June) we had to bring in our own materials for making dens. The reason we did this was for a charity called Save the children this was for families who don’t have and water, food and even houses. We had to make groups of 4’s in our class meeting groups that meant most people were happy because we had lots of fun building and using our teamwork skills! 

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