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Where does our clean water come from?

posted 28 Feb 2016, 02:39 by Christine Adelson   [ updated 28 Feb 2016, 02:39 by Joshua Roberts ]
Where does our clean water come from? This question was answered for us, when an expert from Anglian Water came on Tuesday.  We learned about the water cycle and how much clean water is available on Earth.  It's important not to waste this precious resource. We had to jog for two minutes while Lottie pretended to clean her teeth with the tap running. Rhys and Nyasha collected the running water and we were all surprised to find out that 16 litres of water had just ran down the drain!
We were given a cleaning challenge.  Six dirty paint cups needed cleaning with the minimum amount of water. Each team had it's own plan how to do the best job!
Things got even messier after break.  We had clean water and gradually added ingredients which make sewage. We observed changes in the water and learned about what can go into the drain.  There were lots of things we should put down the drain too.