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Week 1 (5-9 Sep): Welcome to Year 5 and your brain

posted 29 Sep 2016, 22:29 by Andy Sampson   [ updated 15 Feb 2017, 23:31 ]

Topic report: The Human Brain

In our first week of Year 5, we have:

  • ·   learnt about the human brain
  • ·   how to increase our spelling powers
  • ·   worked in teams
  • ·   looked at maths and science vocabulary
  • ·   met some Brainiacs
  • ·   talked about how to be nosey in a good way with some help from Mr Nosey
  • ·   practised Learn Its with Hit the Button and TT Rock Stars
  • ·   designed Christmas cards (is this the earliest ever?)
  • ·   made a class jigsaw puzzle all about us
Here are some comments about this week:

Ruby: I really enjoyed the week, it helped my brain grow bigger.

Freya K: The Brainiacs helped me because now I know how to remember because of Edgar Ferjennery.

Scarlett Wo: What helped me was how to use vowel sounds and syllables in an ACE Dictionary.

Harry B: Mr Nosey reminded me that sometimes being nosey is a good thing and sometimes a bad thing.

Freya B: I had an amazing first week. It was really fun.

Scarlett Wh: I enjoyed making the Christmas card template.

Joshua: I enjoyed making the puzzle pieces.

Charlie P: The week went too quickly for me.

Positive Polly is really happy with these comments. Keep it up!

May the Gorse be with you.