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Week 8 (31 Oct - 4 Nov)

posted 18 Nov 2016, 07:19 by Andy Sampson   [ updated 15 Feb 2017, 23:37 ]
Review of the week
- I enjoyed making family trees and personal timelines for optional homework (Imogen)
- I enjoyed long distance running in PE (Harry S)
- I enjoyed being with my friends again after half-term (Freya K)
- I enjoyed doing the javelin in PE because I found it a challenge (Hary B)
- I enjoyed learning about spreadsheets (Scarlett Wh)
- I enjoyed learning about day and night in the computer room with Mr Jackson (Grace)
- I enjoyed the guitar lesson (Lottie)

- I enjoyed the long distance running because it made me push myself (Rhys)
- I enjoyed the long distance but I would like it to be a bit further (Rowan)
- I missed Harry C (Nyasha)
- I enjoyed explaining how day and night happens (Freya B)
- I enjoy playing with Charlie (Rhys and Rowan)