Year 6A

Girls Football- special lunchtime coaching

posted 20 Nov 2017, 11:14 by Jenni Stanley

Today, all the girls in KS2 were invited to participate in a football training session. The year 6 slot was during lunchtime. The majority of the girls in the class had a go- some had avoided football because they had negative experiences in the past. Today though many had a positive experience and enjoyed the coaching session lead by a coach from the Ipswich Wildcats team.

PALS Training

posted 20 Nov 2017, 11:09 by Jenni Stanley

Last week in year 6, we had a great opportunity to learn some games that could be taught to KS1 when we are play leaders at lunchtime. The games were simple, fun and easy to organise.


posted 20 Nov 2017, 11:04 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 20 Nov 2017, 11:22 ]

We have been learning how to chat in French about our weekend. It is a challenge to pronounce the words correctly, but our main focus is gaining the confidence to speak.

PE: Bakiga Dance

posted 20 Nov 2017, 10:57 by Jenni Stanley

Today, we worked in groups to create our own dance sequences and tell a story from Uganda. 
We planned our dances and were able to dress up in African prints if we wished. 
Afterwards, we reflected on our Bakiga dance experience: energetic, much more fun than previously thought, powerful and inclusive.


posted 20 Nov 2017, 10:31 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 20 Nov 2017, 10:32 ]

In English, having worked hard on developing our figurative language, we applied this to our emotive description around the theme of Remembrance. We listened to some writing of exceptional quality and shared our work to support each other with our editing and improving.


posted 20 Nov 2017, 10:24 by Jenni Stanley

In Maths, we are focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages as well as algebra. In class, practising skills such as multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 is crucial for becoming confident in many areas of Maths.    

Our first visit to the new library!

posted 7 Nov 2017, 11:49 by Jenni Stanley

Mrs Quinlan and many year 6 children have spent hours moving, sorting and preparing books for the school library. 
The class was lucky enough to be be timetabled the first day our new library was open. 
We were impressed by the clean, well organised and welcoming library!

PE: Bakiga Dance

posted 7 Nov 2017, 11:41 by Jenni Stanley

As part of our learning about different cultures around the world, we are focusing on learning the steps of the Bakiga people who live around Lake Bunyoni in Uganda. The circle is important and our warm up using words from the Bakiga language and the drum and percussion instruments from Lake Bunyoni help us to prepare for the learning of new steps.  The dance is for the community and the dancers involved so we do not face an audience, we are all involved through the circle formation. Energetic and powerful steps together with keeping a strong beat and jumping high are all important in the Bakiga dance.

Computing: e safety

posted 7 Nov 2017, 11:30 by Jenni Stanley

Staying safe online is incredibly important. In class, we watched a video from ceop about risks of not being careful and taking steps to keep our settings and passwords private. We discussed creating and prioritising rules we could follow that would help us to keep ourselves safe when we are online.

Science: Classification

posted 7 Nov 2017, 11:24 by Jenni Stanley


Sorting different living organisms using common features and our knowledge of groups was a challenge for many of us. This helped us to recap previous years' science learning about reptiles, mammals, insects, amphibians and birds. 

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