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Topic: Wonders of the World Recipe Challenge

posted 22 Oct 2016, 03:09 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 11 Nov 2016, 09:19 ]
On the last day of school before half term, we discussed a food festival with tastes from around the world. Your task is to research a recipe from the country where your 'wonder' is, follow the recipe and make this food at home, then bring your food to school for our festival to share with the class. You might like to use half term to try out your recipe at home on your family. 
Please do not make anything with nuts, meat or fish. 
Our date for the Wonders of the World food festival is Thursday 24th November. On that Thursday, please bring your food in a labelled container with your name and stating if your food must be stored in the fridge. We will not be able to reheat any food.

We will also be building a model of our chosen 'Wonder': you might like to start thinking about collecting recycled materials for this project. We plan to build them in shoe boxes, so you could be thinking about a background setting too.
Do not bring these in yet!