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Science: what is your lung capacity?

posted 22 Dec 2016, 10:36 by Jenni Stanley
In Science, we are learning about our circulatory system. We have learned about the heart, lungs, blood and now are going on to focus on the effect of exercise on our body. As part of our learning about the lungs, we looked at lung capacity. 
A simple investigation in class led to great competition- who has the greatest lung capacity of the Red Kites? To find out, you had to be there! 

How you might set up your own investigation and test your family:
Take a three litre bottle, mark on the side on masking tape, litres in reverse in 500ml intervals. 
Take a tube (available from DIY stores)
A bucket full of water.

Fill the bottle with water.
Put one end of the tube in the bottle (not squashing it so air can freely be blown through).
Take the largest breathe in you possibly can and breathe out through the other end of the tube.

The air you breathe out will displace water in the bottle, giving you a measurement of the air on your scale in ml.