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Beat Cyber-bullies - Be a Cyber-friend

posted 22 Feb 2016, 07:15 by Daniel Trinder   [ updated 22 Feb 2016, 07:15 by Joshua Roberts ]
We have been thinking about how to use the internet responsibly and beat cyber-bullies. These are the things we think we should all do online to be a cyber-friend.

1. Care for and respect others when chatting online.
2. When chatting online, do not send anything that you wouldn't want to receive.
3. Chat to others how you would like them to chat to you.
4. Make comments that you know will make your friends feel good.
5. Never ask for, or take, other's personal information.
6. Don't call others names - even if you are just joking (you can't see them to know how they are feeling).
7. Only say things you would say to your friend's face.
8. Think about what you are saying before pressing 'send'. 
9. Make jokes - but not about others.
10.Use emojis to cheer your friends up.
11. Think about comments that you know will make your friends happier and laugh.
12. Don't respond to unkind comments - save them and tell an adult.
13. Think how your friend or you would react to a comment before sending it.