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Martlesham 100: Control Tower and Bunker tour

posted 12 Jan 2017, 04:03 by Catherine Orrin
Today, 6A visited the WW2 control tower located next to the school. They were met by 90 year old Alan Smith who recounted his personal experiences of the war and encouraged the children to ask pertinent questions about the WW2 time period. 6A then visited the museum and collected information and photographs to discuss back in the classroom. Gauis was given an original newspaper dated 21st Aug 1945, with the headline 'Britain went Mad with Joy' - celebrating VE day. Harry's highlight was the next experience in the bunker - a re-enactment of a serious air-raid. He said, "This doesn't happen everyday. Shannon's highlight was Alan's talk, "especially when he spoke about the bomb landing on a bungalow and destroying the house.". Thomas' highlight was, "when we heard what it was like for Alan during the war and seeing that exact person - now it hardly sounds real."