Year 6A

Creative Collages: Mood through abstract art

posted 26 Apr 2017, 06:31 by Catherine Orrin


Summer 1

posted 19 Apr 2017, 11:33 by Catherine Orrin

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. 
The children made a wonderful start to the new term today, continuing their positive and motivated outlook. Well done everyone! Next Wednesday, we will be looking at collage work in our art lessons. We will be looking at the work of Chris Ofili, in particularly Afrodizzia, and creating our own pieces based on the theme CHANGES. This could relate to images that suggest:                                                                                          
In preparation for this, please could you bring in any magazines, which included inspirational images, or any personal photos that you do not mind being resized and used in the creation of your work. 
Let's get creative.

Our Dragons' Den event

posted 31 Mar 2017, 06:27 by Catherine Orrin

Thank you to everyone who was involved in today's event. 
It was a superb opportunity for Year 6 to present their pitches and persuasive adverts for their chosen audiences, sharing also their energy and enjoyment. Year 6 have worked incredibly hard and maintained their professional roles throughout. Your parent feedback was greatly appreciated too. Our interim discussions helped to re-address everyone's involvement when presenting to the Year 4 and 5 groups later in the morning. The hall would have been our first choice for hosting an event of this nature, so many thanks for dealing with the space that we had available today. Given the time dedicated to this project, the children have achieved an incredible amount. Today, they have begun relating the skills they practiced and developed to real-life jobs and shared their enjoyment of the process. 
Well done Year 6.

Dragons' Den event: Friday 31st March 2017 9.15-10.15am

posted 30 Mar 2017, 11:38 by Catherine Orrin

6A look forward to welcoming you to their Dragons' Den event tomorrow. They have worked hard to: create realistic product ideas; construct these ideas systematically; design and record adverts; carefully write persuasive, honest pitches and design further advertising materials. This has been a wonderful team effort and the children have developed many skills on the journey - learning a lot about their personal roles within a pro-active team. 

The holiday is almost upon us. Your child has already brought home a selection of revision Maths papers to practice. These can be used as you see fit - 'little and often' can be a good approach here. I will also add several SPAG exercises to the website, to enable your child to practice this area of study too. 

We all wish you a wonderful holiday.

Dragons' Den Adverts

posted 29 Mar 2017, 07:56 by Catherine Orrin

Wow! The team work and energy shown this afternoon has been extraordinary. Well done 6A. Your adverts will be greatly received by your audience on Friday morning.

Dragons' Den is a reality!

posted 27 Mar 2017, 08:07 by Catherine Orrin

Thank you very much to Mrs Sennett, who came in to class today and shared her Business advice with the class. We are now better equipped to complete our pitches in preparation  for Friday's event.
All products are ready! Let the advertising begin!

KHS Netball and football tournament success!

posted 21 Mar 2017, 23:53 by Jenni Stanley

Year 6 girls and boys had a wonderful afternoon yesterday at KHS where year 10 and 11 pupils refereed their tournaments with teams from many other local schools. Great skills and sportsmanship were shown. Training at clubs paid off: both A netball and football teams won the tournaments; the football B team earned 4th place and the girls netball team 5th place. 
For many, it was their first tournament and they were thrilled to be part of the Gorseland team!

Dragons' Den construction is underway!

posted 20 Mar 2017, 08:18 by Catherine Orrin

Today, all companies began their product construction. A very purposeful and focused group of children ensured they followed their construction plan to begin the task. 
Many children took part in a 'safe sawing' workshop - to enable them to saw wood for their product. Most children were keen to get their electrics working - persevering with the fiddly wires and components to ensure accurate conductor connections. 
Well done to the children who were able to evaluate and adapt designs as they came across construction problems. 

Outdoor Punctuation show-down

posted 14 Mar 2017, 05:23 by Catherine Orrin

Today, we spent our English lesson outside. We carried out a punctuation treasure hunt. Wow! Sensational skills were used to understand complex punctuation techniques.

Wow Writers

posted 6 Mar 2017, 05:17 by Catherine Orrin

6A have produced some exceptionally engaging flashback stories based on the memories of Alan Smith - a local man who experienced World War Two first-hand.

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