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Balloon Globes

posted 12 Sep 2016, 07:55 by Catherine Orrin   [ updated 12 Sep 2016, 07:55 by Joshua Roberts ]

Today, we created balloon globes in pairs to help us locate the continents. We looked carefully at their size, shape and positioning using an atlas. We also located the oceans surrounding the land.

The Film Premieres at the Riverside

posted 15 Jul 2016, 21:29 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 15 Jul 2016, 21:29 by Joshua Roberts ]

A brilliant night was had by all. The children did a wonderful job of hosting the evening and introducing their films. Paul, from Offshoot films, presented the film awards.

The Fantastic GAFTAS night at the Riverside!

posted 15 Jul 2016, 21:25 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 15 Jul 2016, 21:26 by Joshua Roberts ]

Year 6 children,their families and friends descended on the Riverside for the premieres to their films.           

Gilwell Good Times!

posted 23 Jun 2016, 14:03 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 23 Jun 2016, 14:03 by Joshua Roberts ]

So many brilliant activities to experience with new and old friends!

Gilwell: challenging activities

posted 21 Jun 2016, 12:39 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 21 Jun 2016, 12:39 by Joshua Roberts ]

Virtually every activity requires an element of teamwork: whether it is pulling friends up to reach a high platform, securing a rope as a team member climbs, shouting out where the best foothold is or words of encouragement. The aim is for every child to set themselves a challenge to reach on each activity as they prepare to have a go; if they meet that- to go one step further. 
The development of individual confidence and determination is remarkable.

Gilwell: day 2

posted 21 Jun 2016, 12:21 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 21 Jun 2016, 12:21 by Joshua Roberts ]

After a full english breakfast or the cereal option, the groups went off to two activities, met up for lunch and two more activities. Weather was just warm and perfect. Children are amazing us with their teamwork, cooperation and encouragement. Circle time, at the end of each day, gives the children a chance to share memorable moments and nominations of people they have noticed.

Gilwell: the night hike to be remembered!

posted 21 Jun 2016, 12:20 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 21 Jun 2016, 12:20 by Joshua Roberts ]

Whilst the pouring rain cleared quickly for the afternoon and we were left with a glorious clear evening, the ground remained slightly damp (huge understatement). After tea and very importantly tuck, we set off confidently to walk to an incredible view of London. The hike was a couple of miles, the terrain was mud, lots of it and grassy fields....look at the photos and ask the children! Our wonderful guide told us stories along the way of highway men who had buried treasure in Epping Forest that still waits to be discovered.

Gorseland arrives at Gilwell!

posted 21 Jun 2016, 12:18 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 21 Jun 2016, 12:18 by Joshua Roberts ]

We arrived to pouring rain, but none of us noticed that. A human chain of children took our baggage in to the lodges.We were sorted into our activity groups, our room groups and went to settle in. Once we had eaten our packed lunch (with delicious chocolate butterfly cakes), we set off for our first activities of the week. There are volunteers from around the world: Mexico, UK, Uganda and Australia who lead each activity. Our first day we had two activities before tea at 5pm. We were starving- lasagne and macaroni cheese with plenty of veg went down well!

The Euros in year 6

posted 21 Jun 2016, 09:56 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 21 Jun 2016, 09:56 by Joshua Roberts ]

The Euros created a great opportunity for all football lovers in Year 6 to celebrate together.

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