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The Film Premieres at the Riverside!

posted 15 Jul 2016, 21:21 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 15 Jul 2016, 21:29 by Joshua Roberts ]

A brilliant night was had by all. The children did a wonderful job of hosting the evening and introducing their films. Paul, from Offshoot films, presented the film awards.

The Fantastic GAFTAs at the Riverside Theatre!

posted 15 Jul 2016, 21:08 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 15 Jul 2016, 21:26 by Joshua Roberts ]

Year 6 children,their families and friends descended on the Riverside for the premieres to their films.        

PSHE: Understanding the Syrian Refugee crisis

posted 15 Jun 2016, 12:26 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 15 Jun 2016, 12:26 by Joshua Roberts ]

We used atlases to draw the continents and oceans on our balloons. Then we used the atlases to consider if we needed to leave Syria, what route would we choose to reach the UK and what problems we might face on our journey. 
Clips from BBC newsround helped us to understand some of the reasons why Syrians are leaving Syria. Now we are learning about the life of Aya, an eight year old girl who lives in a refugee camp. Her story is our inspiration for diary writing and newspaper reporting this week. 

Year 6 Rounders at Kesgrave High School

posted 8 Jun 2016, 13:55 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 15 Jun 2016, 12:27 by Joshua Roberts ]

With the sun beating down, two year 6 teams took to the rounders' fields at KHS. Competing against teams from four other schools, they showed great sportsmanship, bowling improved, catches became more common and some surprising rounders were earned.
Well done to everyone for a great afternoon of sport!


The chopstick challenge: moving on to noodles.

posted 31 May 2016, 02:21 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 31 May 2016, 02:22 by Joshua Roberts ]

Having tried to use chopsticks to eat rice earlier in the year, the class were assessed as needing further practise.
 A youtube film has supported our learning in this endeavour. 
Many of us are now able to eat noodles using chopsticks without feeling awkward  and had no soya sauce dripping down our chins either.

Maths Mission: reflection on our learning so far

posted 31 May 2016, 01:59 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 31 May 2016, 02:23 by Joshua Roberts ]

We are trying to be more reflective about our learning and honestly express our thoughts in words more than 'good'. The Theme Park Maths Mission gives us a great opportunity to reflect and then act on our thinking to improve our next part of the mission.

Maths Mission: to create a theme park that makes a profit

posted 31 May 2016, 01:50 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 31 May 2016, 02:24 by Joshua Roberts ]

Our first task was to design an advert for our theme park with snappy slogans and eye-catching pictures: the winner won an extra £50,000 to spend on building their theme park. Our second task was to spend our £500,000 (for most of us) on planning our theme park. We could choose from different category rides, but had to keep a running total to ensure that we did not go over budget. Finally, we swapped plans with another group who evaluated our theme park and decided which ticket price our theme park qualified for.

SATS Toast Club!

posted 11 May 2016, 22:59 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 31 May 2016, 07:31 by Joshua Roberts ]

Year 6 have been gathering everyday this week before their tests to stock up on energy with toast and juice. Many have exceeded expected level of toast consumption. The atmosphere has been wonderful each day in the hall. 
After breakfast, circle time has given the children the chance to come together as a class and support each other. We are incredibly proud of how hard the children have worked and how focused they have been during this week. 
After all the tests were over we relaxed at Gorseland Park. Brilliant weather and ice pops were well-deserved.

PE: Let's play tennis!

posted 24 Apr 2016, 08:56 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 24 Apr 2016, 09:05 by Joshua Roberts ]

We have been working with a partner to improve our volleying as well as backhand and forehand.

Science: investigating light refraction

posted 13 Apr 2016, 23:54 by Jenni Stanley   [ updated 24 Apr 2016, 08:49 by Joshua Roberts ]


We investigated light using water, straws and pictures to see how the light was refracted.
We also looked at how a glass prism can refract light and different colours can be observed.


We overlapped tissue paper to create depths of colour on glass jars.

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